slowA Box Turtle’s shell.

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theatreA small Egyptian faience theatre mask, circa 2nd century B.C., spotted on a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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paperPaper or plastic?
The environmentalist in me wants to say “paper”, of course –or- arrive at the checkout line sporting one of those re-usable synthetic-material bags decorated with an image of a panda or something…but then I wonder, if we don’t want those cheap plastic grocery bags ending up in our landfills, why then do we buy larger capacity GLAD or HEFTY kitchen garbage bags to stuff with our daily rubbish?

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puppetPut your foot in a sock and the fibers conform to the shape of your extremity. Put your hand in a sock and it instantly springs to life!

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troublePockets! When I was a child my pants had no pockets and life was carefree. The trouble began when I received my first dollar, had a shopping list or a schedule to keep and my pockets filled with complications.

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silenceSome animals can hear higher pitched sounds that people cannot, such as this silent-to-our-ears dog whistle.

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wishSome Fall yard work this weekend involved cleaning up an area under our porch steps. While removing a small pile of stones, I realized that several of the rocks were unusual and I began placing them to the side. Some of the rocks were beautiful specimens of quartz, turquoise and even pyrite –better known as ‘fools gold’. With every new discovery, I began to wish of finding a real gold nugget or that perhaps I would uncover a precious gem.
This is the second time I have found a trove of specimen rocks around my property, furthering speculation on just who might have collected the minerals.

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radioAn antique Bakelite tuning knob from the Golden Age of Radio.

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A perennial college reading assignment, Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” had a profound effect on me and I vowed then-and-there to never become a traveling salesman. I can’t say for certain when the transformation occurred, but one day I woke up on a train headed to the City with briefcase of samples under my arm.

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disguiseA friend of mine has a specimen collection of bugs, including this leaf-mimic called a Phylliidae. Native to Southern Asia and Australia, the bug relies on its clever disguise to avoid detection from predators. Further enhancing its camouflage, many leaf insects rock back and forth when they move, simulating foliage blowing in the wind.

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