My daughter’s iPod.  I was proud to learn that many of her friends have complimented her eclectic taste in music since numerous tunes were recorded from my collection.

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This drawing is of a souvenir from a trip to Greece that I took many years ago.  While touring the island of Lesvos, I stopped in an old church and noticed numerous small silver plaques hanging on a wall.  Each plaque had a repousse image of a body part.  Upon leaving the church, I walked by a small store selling the votive plaques which are left in the church as a plea for healing.  I purchased a few plaques, leaving one votive at the church in hopes that an old injury to my ear would cure my occasional vertigo.

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My vision was great until I turned 40.  Now I need glasses to read and draw.  Without them, it’s all a blur.

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With Halloween candy everywhere, it was ironic that the IF word of the week was “skinny”.

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