A close friend and former studio-mate, Emil Lukas, produces works in a variety of non-traditional materials.  In a series called, “Larva Paintings”, he places inked-soaked maggots on a canvas where the larva leave trails as they meander and writhe.  The series is hauntingly beautiful and mysteriously captivating.  Emil’s work is currently on view at Sperone Westwater Gallery in New York City.

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A strand of yarn is very similar to a pen or pencil line, there is so much potential when you begin to weave them.

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Since acquiring a vintage car a few months ago, I have experienced several mechanical setbacks.  Every time I think I’m making progress I come to find out that I’m still stuck in reverse.  My love of classic automobiles is not diminished by these impediments, instead I come away with a greater understanding and appreciation of my vehicle whenever I diagnose and repair a problem.

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