Popping open a bottle of champagne is always exciting…it’s the launching of the cork that elevates people’s spirits!

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A straw whisk broom that was left in our house by the previous owner. It was found with an old copper dust pan. I have used the pair many times since moving in. That’s the great thing about ‘manually operated’ tools, you don’t need to consult a tech whiz or install updated operating systems.

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This weekend I had visited the Concours d’Elegance Car Show in Greenwich, Connecticut. Being that it is an unlikely that I will ever attend the Pebble Beach classic in California, this may be the closest I will ever get to seeing a collection of vintage automobiles of this caliber. There were prime examples of cars from every era; from Stanley Steamers to Muscle Cars, and vehicles from the “no frills” Model T to the “over-the-top” Duesenbergs. Truly rolling masterpieces all.

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My initial rendering of this pillow was soft and ethereal. It looked like a morning vision, with bright sunlight delineating the edges of the pillowcase. I was pleased with the drawing and put it down. When I took another look, I decided it was all wrong. It was not an illustration for “asleep”, this was “awaken”. I started to add some darkness to the image, getting rather aggressive with my strokes. The drawing seems more appropriate to the topic now but I’m not sure it’s a peaceful slumber.

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