tailA tail light from an old bicycle. I love the design of late 50’s and early 60’s transportation accessories, such as this space-age beacon that likely decorated the rear fender of a shiny Schwinn.

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energyLiving in an historic house is a constant learning experience. This past week I lost electricity to all of the ceiling fixtures on the second floor of our circa 1840’s home. In the course of determining the cause, I discovered several other issues that required attention, too. After an extensive search that involved testing every outlet and fixture, the electrical problem was located at faulty dimmer switch that had only recently been installed. Fortunately, I kept the original switch and we now have light again. I also gained valuable knowledge about repairing my old house…when a problem arises, always start by looking at where a new item has replaced an original.

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secretAn “Enigma” machine used to send and receive coded German military messages during World War II. This machine, in a well-worn oak carrying box, still retains two original wax security seals.
Working with the Polish Cipher Bureau, British Intelligence reconstructed their own “Enigma” machine and began an intense code-breaking effort named, “Ultra”. Any information gained from the “Ultra” program was considered top secret and a conscious effort was made to use the intelligence sparingly so that the Germans would not realize their “Enigma” had been compromised.

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