A mask composed of ‘googly eyes’.
A good friend of mine throws an annual Halloween party where she always sets a challenge for guests. This year’s invitation came with a small bag of ‘googly eyes’ and instructions to be creative. While walking through the aisles of my local craft store, I came across a blank white mask and had an epiphany when I saw several bags of assorted ‘googly eyes’. The creative process is fascinating in the twists-and-turns it takes from inspiration to project completion. At one point during the middle of constructing the mask, when my figures were burned from using the hot glue gun and the eyes were not adhering well, I was afraid the project might be a failure. However, a bit of perseverance and a pair of tweezers turned the mask into a party favorite.

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A necklace with moustache pendant that my wife made for our daughter. Being part of the ‘Baby Boomers’, I am not sure that I completely understand the ironic symbolism of a moustache to the current Generation – ‘Y’ -or is it- ‘Z’?

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