whisperThis pen and ink drawing of a votive plaque was first posted on my blog when I began contributing to Illustration Friday. I usually like to render fresh solutions for the weekly topics but I kept coming back to this illustration in response to “whisper”.
…a souvenir from a trip to Greece that I took many years ago. While touring the island of Lesvos, I stopped in an old church and noticed numerous silver plaques hanging on a wall. Each plaque had a repousse image of a body part. Upon leaving the church, I walked by a small store selling the votive plaques which, I was told, are left near the altar as a plea for healing. I purchased a few plaques, leaving one votive back at the church in hopes that an old injury to my ear would cure occasional vertigo and imbalances.

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woolSpinning fibers into thread is a technique common to many diverse cultures throughout the ages. Handspinning involves a wood axle or spindle with a disc-shaped ‘whorl’ acting as a weighted flywheel to maintain momentum. A turn of the spindle then draws and twists fibers into workable yarn. This small whorl is decorated with concentric rings and an interlocking design that would have created a dizzying effect when spun.

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stormA weathervane that stood atop my parent’s house was recovered following Hurricane Sandy. The storm had lifted the duck figure off the wind directionals and over their house before dropping it in the front yard, it’s brief flight cut short by a damaged wing.

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wheelUndoubtedly, my first experiences ‘behind the wheel’ were made while riding a pale blue pedal car -and driving has been a passion ever since. Other memories include those sitting on my Dad’s lap ‘helping’ to steer our 60’s era station wagon…even though I am certain now that it was just parked in the driveway. The pre-teen years recall carnival rides where I would wait at the go-cart pavilion, studying the field before selecting my racer and capturing the checkered flag. And while some adolescents lamented cutting the lawn, I relished the chore, trying to best my time for maneuvering the Sears tractor around our well-manicured landscape each and every weekend. I still have that pedal car, its paint may be faded and fenders dinged but it rolls on, and my passion for driving has never abated.

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