A 23” tall antique porcelain glove mold. It’s amusing to consider the circumstances where a giant might require rubber gloves from this mold.

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My dog, Ziggy, enjoys ripping the fuzzy-cover off tennis balls and then puncturing the exposed rubber sphere. He loses interest when the ball no longer bounces.

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With my daughter’s pending departure for college, I have been preoccupied with getting her ready for this new chapter in her life.  Besides the expected shopping excursions to outfit her and a dorm room, there have been many trips to see family and friends, and recently, hosting a ‘going-away’ party celebration.  This has been a time of reflection, too.  Looking at a young woman who is following her passion for knowledge in pursuit of a degree in Paleontology while remembering those times years ago when you read her bedtime stories or kissed a ‘boo-boo’ to ease the pain of a minor scrape.  As a parent, you might find yourself dissecting the path your child has taken to determine the extent of your influence.  The countless strolls through the Natural History Museum, the vacation to Nova Scotia where we collected fossils straight from the eroding shoreline or the games of “Guess a Million Dinosaurs” that quickly became one-sided affairs.  Of course my wife and I are very proud, but we are also weary of how lonely our house will be without an inspiring, young Paleontologist under its roof.

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