Over the years, my father has giving me several old tools whenever he has upgraded to new and improved models. Most of the electric power tools I have received date to the Fifties. They have gleaming stainless steel or cast aluminum bodies with “Ray-Gun” handles of space age design. However, they often have limited functions –like this drill that only has a single forward speed.

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Every Sunday morning I make pancakes for my family. Once the batter is prepared, I like to add blueberries or bananas or some other fresh fruit and twirl it all together with a wisk. I have to say that although I enjoy eating the pancakes, nothing gives me more pleasure than combining the ingredients, pouring the batter onto a hot griddle and smelling the warmth of an easy Sunday morning.

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As soon as the flood waters began to recede, preparations were made for waterproofing the basement including replacing the mortar between the large granite blocks of the foundation.

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After all of the flood waters receded, I finally felt grounded.

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Another New Year and another drawing of a light bulb.  I did not start off thinking that I would illustrate the same object that had begun my 2011 entries, but the IF topic seemed right.

Besides the turmoil and destruction that flooding caused to my home and studio this year, I was further hampered in posting to my blog by a series of escalating computer system failures.  Well, I am happy to report that my home has been repaired and I now have a new computer.  All of this change had me reflecting on my preferred working method, too, so I have put aside my pen and picked up a trusty pencil.  I know, it’s not a big change –but change is good, and 2012 is already looking better.

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