One of the only toys to survive from my childhood is a pedal car.  I am most certain that it lit the fuse of my interest in automobiles and still ignites my passion for vintage rides.

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The arrival of Spring is a reminder that the Earth is alive.  It is amazing that a simple seed or dried flower bulb can be interred and within a short time, it germinates and grows.

I found this garden tool while antique shopping.  I used to collect Mid-Century period furniture and Murano glass but now I am drawn to older items that have acquired the patina of use.  The well-worn handle of this rusted implement reminded me of an elegant bird’s head with a long beak.

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My daughter will be performing in an upcoming High School production of “Phantom of the Opera”, and I have been spending considerable time after work building and painting some of the props.  I’m not the only parent working ‘over-time’ on the play…but like all parents, we know that our efforts will be justly rewarded when that curtain goes up and our children take center stage.

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I found an old pack of cigarettes this weekend while looking through a box of assorted items that once belonged to my in-laws.  I do not know how my father-in-law acquired the pack but it is emblazoned with the US Presidential Seal.  Aside from the Executive Office emblem, there is only one other label -the Surgeon General’s Warning.  Clearly, no one is immune from the dangers of smoking.

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