Of all the bicycles I owned, my favorite was a sting-ray called the “Kool Kats Lemon Twist”.  It had everything; chopper-style handle bars with coiled-spring suspension over a small front tire and center-hub disc brake, flaring chrome fenders, bright yellow paint with bold graphics and, of course, a banana seat and sissy bar.  I was the envoy of the neighborhood!  Then one day the bike was stolen from our garage.  As I recall it was the only thing missing.  My gallant father bought me another bicycle the very next day at the local hardware store.  It was a sad replacement though – anything less than the Kool Kats Lemon Twist was just another bike.

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I have started a new series of drawings and paintings depicting old mines and caves.  There are many abandoned copper mines along the nearby hiking trails of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  Some of the mines date back to the 17th century when Dutch settlers found deposits of the ore in a ravine off the mighty river.  Besides the old mines, the Army Corp of Engineers cut a tunnel into the mountain to test the stability of the strata for a large dam project that was eventually shelved.   Bus-length long rock-core borings 3 feet in diameter are strewn about this section of the Appalachian Trail and remain a ironic monument to the folly.  Of course there are numerous animal dens, too, that can be found off local streets with names like, “Bear Cave Road”. 

I hope to convey a sense of mystery and intrigue with the cave and mine images.  I will be sure to post the drawings and paintings as the series develops.  Those dense, dark portals beckon.

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An antique glass bottle found while scouring local flea markets.  Such an amusing character – it always makes me wonder what it originally contained.  A few months after acquiring it, I found the same bottle displayed in the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

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It’s a pleasure to hear birds chirping again…a welcome announcement of Springs arrival. 

An old plastic whistle in the shape of a bird just doesn’t measure up to the beautiful music of our avian friends.

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