There has been so much rain lately that I felt compelled to illustrate a flooded landscape. My home is located just steps away from a small lake with a picturesque waterfall cascading down an old stone wall. The falls feed a small stream that meanders through the local countryside before joining the mighty Delaware River a few miles away. Because of the abnormally wet Spring, the neighborhood waterfall resembles a burst dam and the stream is threateningly close to cresting. The ground is so thoroughly soaked that I can’t see the need of our watering can in the foreseeable future.

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A vintage doorstop in the form of an elephant.  My wife has had this old iron doorstop for longer than I have known her.  It has traveled between several Manhattan apartments whenever there was a reason or need to move.  It now resides in our home in the country.  What a long, strange trip it’s been.

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beginning / beginner

I must have misread the IF topic before departing on a trip this past weekend.  I thought an egg would be a simple but fitting image for “beginning”.  Perhaps it is appropriate for “beginner”, too.

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Life lessons presented in Aesop’s seemingly harmless (but often macabre) fables were full of contradictions for me.  It was not the Goose’s fault to lay golden eggs but it cost her dearly, and who could blame the sheep for not noticing the wolf clad in their team uniform.  The story that resonated with me most was the Tortoise and the Hare.  I am not sure that “slow and steady wins the race” in anything anymore; it is certainly not the motto for Wall Street nor road-raging motorists, and it sure doesn’t apply to our consumer-driven mindset or the lack of environmental consciousness.

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