wishSome Fall yard work this weekend involved cleaning up an area under our porch steps. While removing a small pile of stones, I realized that several of the rocks were unusual and I began placing them to the side. Some of the rocks were beautiful specimens of quartz, turquoise and even pyrite –better known as ‘fools gold’. With every new discovery, I began to wish of finding a real gold nugget or that perhaps I would uncover a precious gem.
This is the second time I have found a trove of specimen rocks around my property, furthering speculation on just who might have collected the minerals.

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radioAn antique Bakelite tuning knob from the Golden Age of Radio.

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A perennial college reading assignment, Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” had a profound effect on me and I vowed then-and-there to never become a traveling salesman. I can’t say for certain when the transformation occurred, but one day I woke up on a train headed to the City with briefcase of samples under my arm.

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