The optimist…”the glass is half full”,

The pessimist…”the glass is half empty”,

The realist…”come to think of it, I am thirsty.”

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It has been too long since my last entry.  I am grateful that my job has kept me busy at a time when many are feeling stressed from the economic downturn.  However, I have been strained by my work-load and that has affected my quality time with family and my available time in the studio.  Sometime our zeal for life’s “daily bread” leaves us with something less palatable.

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A fresh start to the New Year, I made a resolution to clean and organize my studio.  There is a sense of renewal in filing away the annual accumulation of receipts and correspondences.

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During renovations to our home, we uncovered many suspect electrical connections including this junction box with its Medusa-like entangled wires.

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My daughter’s iPod.  I was proud to learn that many of her friends have complimented her eclectic taste in music since numerous tunes were recorded from my collection.

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This drawing is of a souvenir from a trip to Greece that I took many years ago.  While touring the island of Lesvos, I stopped in an old church and noticed numerous small silver plaques hanging on a wall.  Each plaque had a repousse image of a body part.  Upon leaving the church, I walked by a small store selling the votive plaques which are left in the church as a plea for healing.  I purchased a few plaques, leaving one votive at the church in hopes that an old injury to my ear would cure my occasional vertigo.

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My vision was great until I turned 40.  Now I need glasses to read and draw.  Without them, it’s all a blur.

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With Halloween candy everywhere, it was ironic that the IF word of the week was “skinny”.

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An early snow storm caught us by surprise but what a wonderful contrast of white on fall-colored leaves.

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During the weekend, I visited Centralia, PA.  Sometime during the early sixties, a rubbish fire ignited an underground anthracite vein which had been mined in the area for decades.  The fire spread throughout the surrounding hillsides like an infectious germ, forcing residents to flee.  The fire still burns there today.

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