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Glass Eyes
An Egyptian glass eye inlay dating from the New Kingdom period, 1550-1070 B.C. Composed of an obsidian iris, white glass sclerae and blue glass lids with extended cosmetic line, this fine inlay was part of a pair that once decorating the lid of a sarcophagus. Reserved for only the wealthy or privileged, sarcophagi carved to resemble an individual and decorated with semi-precious stones would help to further insure safe passage to the afterlife.

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  1. Not at all what I was expecting to see from the title, but very cool. I’d love to have one of those!

  2. Lovely work – and an unexpected take on the subject!

  3. I would visually appreciate a funeral ceremony that involved obsidian iris. Clever solution!

  4. Life has been keeping me from visiting as often as I’d like, but I really like seeing your recent posts. Your drawings are so interesting and peaceful at the same time, each like a meditation. 🙂

  5. Nice take on the prompt! And the illustration itself is beautiful – wonderful shading.

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