yesterdayMy wife and I bought an antique silver-plated baby rattle just a few days before our daughter was born. The rattle had stood the test of time, as evidence by the dents and surface wear it had lovingly acquired. Who knows how many children may have clutched the small toy, listening to the noise it made when shaken –perhaps- realizing for the first time, that their actions created sounds.
As a new parent, proudly cradling my daughter, so many people felt compelled to tell me “…enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast”. I hated hearing it. I try to live my life without regrets and this constant reminder of the ‘terminal velocity of parenthood’ made me feel as though it was already too late. Now, of course, I find myself repeating the old adage to new parents…because it was just yesterday when I held my baby girl.

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  1. Tell me about it. My sons are now 28 and 33 years old and I have no idea how that happened!

    Love the drawing. I always love your drawings, but I particularly like the dents you’ve portrayed in this one and the smoothness of the handle.

  2. How beautifully said! I think your illustration adds element to the truth about the softness and hardness of life. It is a wonderful thing to watch kids blossom.

  3. First of all, this is a beautiful illustration! Belongs framed and on a shelf or wall!
    And I definitely echo your sentiments. Everyone tells you how fast they grow up, but we still find ourselves so shocked wondering where the time went!

  4. Oh gosh…so sweet. No other objects hold quite the same meaning as those that were used by our children as infants.

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