whisperThis pen and ink drawing of a votive plaque was first posted on my blog when I began contributing to Illustration Friday. I usually like to render fresh solutions for the weekly topics but I kept coming back to this illustration in response to “whisper”.
…a souvenir from a trip to Greece that I took many years ago. While touring the island of Lesvos, I stopped in an old church and noticed numerous silver plaques hanging on a wall. Each plaque had a repousse image of a body part. Upon leaving the church, I walked by a small store selling the votive plaques which, I was told, are left near the altar as a plea for healing. I purchased a few plaques, leaving one votive back at the church in hopes that an old injury to my ear would cure occasional vertigo and imbalances.

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  1. I’m glad you included the story behind the plaque, because I was wondering how a silver votive ear plaque would come about! Very nice and appropriate illustration! Did your alter offering do the trick?

    • I can’t say that I’m cured but I have a spare plaque just in case my hearing gets any worse.

  2. You are the curator of a lovely little museum/blog. You always sketch such beautiful, simple objects, and have a wonderful story for each.

  3. I love your stories and the soft touch of your drawings! You have me thinking of Vertigo this morning…

  4. What a lovely custom! However, I think I would sometimes need to buy dozens of them and leave almost a whole body (in pieces) at the altar!

    Lovely drawing as usual. You are a master of the pencil!

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