wheelUndoubtedly, my first experiences ‘behind the wheel’ were made while riding a pale blue pedal car -and driving has been a passion ever since. Other memories include those sitting on my Dad’s lap ‘helping’ to steer our 60’s era station wagon…even though I am certain now that it was just parked in the driveway. The pre-teen years recall carnival rides where I would wait at the go-cart pavilion, studying the field before selecting my racer and capturing the checkered flag. And while some adolescents lamented cutting the lawn, I relished the chore, trying to best my time for maneuvering the Sears tractor around our well-manicured landscape each and every weekend. I still have that pedal car, its paint may be faded and fenders dinged but it rolls on, and my passion for driving has never abated.

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  1. Wow, you still have your old pedal car – how wonderful!

    The steering wheel you’ve drawn is quite evocative, and I think the graphite/pencil suits it well.

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