mythIn Greek mythology, the hero always has a hidden flaw. Often, that flaw was fatal. In our world, where anyone deserving merit or notoriety is placed under the microscope, it is only a matter of time before a defect is revealed.

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  1. Very appropriate for the IF prompt, I think.

  2. A poignant reminder…good choice!

  3. Very cool concept for the topic! And very cool object you picked to illustrate.

  4. Very apt post! BTW, I had trouble getting to your site from mine. Maybe you should check your profile to make sure your links are on it?

  5. Wow. Powerful image…this could easily be an editorial illustration in a current news piece. Just watched the “60 Minutes” piece on him last night; your analogy of a fallen hero is so apropos; it’s such a sad situation from any point of view.

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