oceanThe surge of ocean water that inundated areas of the New Jersey coastline during Hurricane Sandy, wreaked havoc on man-made structures and scattered the debris far and wide. It also gouged the earth, revealing buried artifacts -from sunken ships to lost beach toys. During the initial inspection of my parent’s home following the disaster, I found two old toy sand shovels amongst the pile of splintered wood and building material that had accumulated under the house. I don’t know if the shovels were swept-up and re-deposited there, or if they were uncovered by the storm surge, but I collected them and placed the toy tools in the house as souvenirs of the recovery.

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  1. Wow, I wonder how old they are and who played with them. Or if they were sad their little shovels were lost! Neat image!

  2. How fascinating…buried treasure amid the destruction. And the fact that it is a child’s plaything adds to the poignancy. I love how you choose these simple objects, and your drawings imbue them with such meaning. I was sad to hear about your parents’ home being hit; I got swallowed up by the holidays and am a little slow in wishing you all the best in the rebuilding, but it certainly sounds as if things are on the upswing. Wishing you a happy (and drier) 2013!

  3. What a lovely drawing with a sad back story. Your artwork has a lot of deeper meanings than just the surface rendering. Very nice.

  4. Another lovely rendered illustration. And what an interesting story. If the little shovel could talk? Well, your drawing brings it to life.

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