Followers of my blog may recall previous posts where I have included vintage stainless steel tools. This antique, polished aluminum binoculars was a find during a trip to Maine many years ago. I initially drew the binoculars from the front, showing both peepers, but I discarded that rendering. I then turned the object and saw it in a completely new light; thinking how it resembled the many lighthouses along the coast of Maine where the field glasses first caught my eye in a seaside antique shop .

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  1. Lovely rendition of the illustration friday prompt! Im curious to see the front view too though. When I first saw it i thought it was a chessboard queen.

  2. Intriguing point of view! Sort of a visual rhyme…

  3. At first I thought it was a milk bottle! I don’t know why, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a milk bottle. Maybe in movies! But when I read what it was, it all became clear. (No pun intended?) Lovely object!

  4. …a simple, really nice form…beautifully rendered. I like that you thought to turn it sideways. That’s the artist’s eye for you!

  5. This is such an interesting point of view. It makes the binoculars look like a completely different object, yes, something between a bottle and a chess piece…

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