With the advent of Spring, I have been doing some landscape work around my house; moving shrubs, planting flowers and expanding our garden. Digging up the soil, the shovel seemingly hits a rock every time the metal spade plunges into the good earth. I toss the rocks to the side, soon creating a sizable pile. For the most part, the rocks were ordinary; somewhat brown, slightly round, lumps of stone. Then my shovel struck an unusual rock. A medium green-colored stone with glossy black inclusions at one end. Even covered in dirt, it was beautiful. I placed the stone on the porch before returning to the garden. My very next shovel-full revealed yet another unusual specimen. Then another. I am not a geologist but it quickly became apparent that the group of stones represented a trove of minerals not native to the area. A few of the minerals even had identifying labels, written in old script, that were now too difficult to discern. The group of rocks has me puzzled; who’s collection was this and what else might be buried on the property?

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  1. Sounds like a great mystery! I would love to see pictures of these minerals (and maybe with a story built around them! Budding young naturalist, or creepy old woman practicing some dark arts?) I had to laugh when I read the label “green rock”, on a black and white illustration. If I hadn’t read your description, I would have imagined it much, much larger. Part of an outcropping in a natural wooded area, perhaps.

    It’s pretty cool to imagine all the upheavals and atmospheric events a given rock must have experienced in its journey to the shape you now find it in. At least I think so. 😉

  2. What a mysterious & wonderfull discovery! I’ve dug up some odd things in the garden but nothing as intriguing as this. Lovely drawing too of course…

  3. Your drawings are always a discovery and a surprise, this blog is like a curiosity cabinet. I also laughed when I read “green rock”. Yet, somehow, it does look green.

  4. I do hope you will find out and let us know!! Nice drawing.

  5. Exquisite drawing. I haven’t seen your drawings for awhile. I remember the lovely little lightbulb drawings. These really are an inspiration to me–to look at small things, and give them the kind of attention you do.

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