With an intention to deceive, forgers miss the inspiration of the artists that had created the original.

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  1. Another great drawing. I love the shadows.

  2. I love the wonderful, scratchy quality of the pencil (?) work – it gives it an almost sculptural feel. Lovely stuff.

    • Thank you for the comment, Amanda. The illustration is actually pen and ink -a standard ‘fine point’ Bic pen.

      • Wow – that’s incredible! I would never have imagined the humble Bic pen could be coaxed into producing such a beautiful effect! I’m off to the stationer’s…

  3. I love drawing with pens too, but I would’ve never guessed that you used one for this. So soft! Love the thoughts on forgery and how you tied that to your drawing. Very cool 🙂

  4. I love this (and last week’s dog biscuit as well!)…the backgrounds are so rich, too. I’ve got to quit taking the IF topics so literally. I keep struggling with trying to interpret them through things I like to draw. Then I see wonderfully esoteric interpretations like yours which will inspire me to think outside the box a bit, hopefully!

  5. Theo, I’m so happy I found you again! And how I’ve enjoyed catching up on your latest drawings. They all have such a calming quality to them.

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