We saw many mice during the beginning phases of demolition and restoration of our house. While working in the basement crawlspace I found an old trap still loaded and waiting to spring. I guess that is why there is a fortune waiting the inventor who can build a better mouse trap.

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  1. Well, maybe adding some cheese would make it work better? πŸ˜‰
    Your drawings are always great.

  2. Love architectural. And the word “DANGER” is such a perfect detail!

  3. Like this take on suspense..the mouse trap always has that effect. you have a great drawing style..looking though your blog!

  4. There is really an atmosphere of suspense here… Poor mouse…
    BTW, love your other drawings too, especially the one below, ‘forward’, beautiful work!

  5. brilliant take on this week’s theme!

  6. I’m glad it didn’t work – I think you sould look into something more “humane”, where the mouse runs into some kind of tunnel and you can save its life. And let it out somewhere in the woods, but then what if it has a family…?

    P.S. Nevertheless, I love your drawing.

  7. I’ve found a creepy rodent-related item or two in our renovation project as well. Never welcome, but I guess… what’s life without a little suspense? I really like your drawing. Nicely done, and full of dark mood.

  8. Clever interpretation and really nice rendering.

  9. A great illustration. You have a lovely style.

  10. Thanks! You made me laugh when this popped onto my screen πŸ™‚ Great answer for “suspense”! And a great drawing as always.

  11. Great idea for suspense! Really nice illustration. I feel the tension just waiting to spring. Sneaky, smart mouse.

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