Over the years, my father has giving me several old tools whenever he has upgraded to new and improved models. Most of the electric power tools I have received date to the Fifties. They have gleaming stainless steel or cast aluminum bodies with “Ray-Gun” handles of space age design. However, they often have limited functions –like this drill that only has a single forward speed.

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  1. Hehe, I definitely thought it was a Ray Gun. Nice sketch!

  2. Clever post for the topic. Beautifully drawn 🙂

  3. Love the object and love the drawing. I can almost feel its weight in may hand.

  4. Your illustration really gives the feeling of holding the drill in one’s hand.
    Even if their functions are limited, do the tools still work?! They must be pretty rare by now! The way you describe them, they seem to be so beautiful.

    • Some of the tools have required a little cleaning or a drop of oil to get back to working order but all still function well.

  5. Beautiful drawing, as usual!

  6. Catching up on the last few weeks’ worth of drawings…such lovely sketches. Nothing like beautiful cross-hatching…

  7. Wonderful illustration and idea!

  8. great drawing

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