Coffee is undoubtedly the starting fluid favored by most, but tea is the fuel that gets me going.

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  1. I like it! A simple tea bag, sitting quietly.

  2. Beautiful!!! Are you the person who did those gorgeous lightbulb pictures awhile back? This is so subtly and sensitively drawn!

    • The ‘lightbulb’ drawings were some of my first postings on IF. Thanks for remembering them!

  3. Welcome back! Love the texture of your teabag. Love the everyday magic in your drawings.

  4. Hey, Theo! So glad to see that you’re back in all of your pre-hurricane glory, once again creating these exquisite sketches. Do you know illustrator Brian Selznick’s recent work? I was just at his book signing last night (such an amazing guy) and when I looked at your sketch, it has much of the same beauty in the hatching, etc. Welcome back!

    • Thanks for the comment and ‘heads up’ on the work of Brian Selznick – I’ll be sure to look for his images.

  5. Nice! I love the contrast between the bag and background.

  6. I’m a tea drinker and love your style too. Very distinctive and sensitive. I didn’t realize you were caught in the hurricane mess. I hope you’ve dried out and survived without too much trauma. I went through a plumbing disaster last year and have developed a much greater appreciation for the power of water. Glad to see you back!

  7. I’ve just had a wonderful time looking through your archives. Your work is beautiful.
    And as an avid tea lover I’m now rushing for the kettle having seen your fuel drawing. You manage to make a tea bag look poetic!

  8. Love your work Theo. The tea bag is perfect.

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