There has been so much rain lately that I felt compelled to illustrate a flooded landscape. My home is located just steps away from a small lake with a picturesque waterfall cascading down an old stone wall. The falls feed a small stream that meanders through the local countryside before joining the mighty Delaware River a few miles away. Because of the abnormally wet Spring, the neighborhood waterfall resembles a burst dam and the stream is threateningly close to cresting. The ground is so thoroughly soaked that I can’t see the need of our watering can in the foreseeable future.

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  1. This is a great tools for make a soaked. I love this line drawing feels vintage illustration.

  2. very nice drawing

  3. You can really draw, technically and with feeling. And I agree, won’t be needing the watering can for a while.

  4. Your drawings are always so technically good and contemplative. They make me want to observe what surrounds me more carefully. And the way you achieve the different textures is amazing.

  5. Great drawing ! (as always!)

  6. Impressive linework ! It is true, your watering can does have feelings !

  7. Your neighborhood sounds like a beautiful place. Rain and water seem to be creeping in everywhere.
    Beautifully done water can, so metallic-looking.

  8. As usual, so well done!

  9. I’ve been extra wet this year too, but since I can’t plant anything outside in the swampy ground, I’ve actually started things inside which reqires actually watering things. Life can be ironic. Lovely drawing!

  10. Nice pic. šŸ™‚

  11. Somehow, I missed this one last week…love it. A watering can is such a utilitarian item, but so elegant in its design.

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