beginning / beginner

I must have misread the IF topic before departing on a trip this past weekend.  I thought an egg would be a simple but fitting image for “beginning”.  Perhaps it is appropriate for “beginner”, too.

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  1. Pun intended,Theo,I’m very drawn to this egg of light and shadow.
    You can find mine in Raven’s mouth or

  2. I think your egg works for both

  3. Each and every time I am amazed at how much you are able to accomplish with a simple pen.

  4. a very appropriate “beginner” illustration…the ultimate beginner

  5. A fine emblem of the ultimate beginner–and so well drawn!

  6. Love a beautiful egg drawing…such a classic subject. That was an amazing post you left for me…the idea of having kids (or anyone) sketch goldfish is so wonderful!

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