Of all the bicycles I owned, my favorite was a sting-ray called the “Kool Kats Lemon Twist”.  It had everything; chopper-style handle bars with coiled-spring suspension over a small front tire and center-hub disc brake, flaring chrome fenders, bright yellow paint with bold graphics and, of course, a banana seat and sissy bar.  I was the envoy of the neighborhood!  Then one day the bike was stolen from our garage.  As I recall it was the only thing missing.  My gallant father bought me another bicycle the very next day at the local hardware store.  It was a sad replacement though – anything less than the Kool Kats Lemon Twist was just another bike.

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  1. yep, I remember that style bike and seat. Sorry you lost your cool bike….

  2. Oh yes, a stingray was/is the coolest ride! When I saw this, I knew I had to leave a reply-
    My dad outfitted my bike with a “hybrid” stingray seat, a short, oval shaped seat which he deemed more appropriate for girls. On a recent trip back home, I found it in the garage. It is now riding around in the trunk of my car, waiting for its new place with all the other treasures living on my garage wall! :o)

  3. Had one of those Kool Kats Lemon Twist bikes, wish i had it today!!! Loved it very much.

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