An antique glass bottle found while scouring local flea markets.  Such an amusing character – it always makes me wonder what it originally contained.  A few months after acquiring it, I found the same bottle displayed in the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

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  1. Wouldn’t it contain honey? I have a plastic bottle that looks very similar, but your’s is far cooler 🙂

    • The bottle is too big to have held Honey. I know there is no reference in my small drawing but the bottle is over 13″ tall.

  2. so mysterious! Love the tone you set here!

  3. beautiful

  4. My guess is Russian Vodka. Wonderfully done!

    • Funny you should suggest Russian Volka, my wife and I have been decorating our kitchen in a rustic Russian motif so the Bear Bottle found a home.

  5. I love this illustration as I do all I looked at here.
    What kind of paper are you using?

    • I purchased this sketchbook during a museum visit out west. I seem to recall there was a label indicating the paper was recycled. It has those theads and stray flecks you often see in recycled paper products.

  6. So interesting! I love the vodka theory. Not doing IF this week, but I’m loving looking at my usual favorites!

  7. Lovely drawings, very consistant style. 🙂

  8. This is a most awesome drawing. Don’t know how I missed it the first time…So well done!

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