It’s a pleasure to hear birds chirping again…a welcome announcement of Springs arrival. 

An old plastic whistle in the shape of a bird just doesn’t measure up to the beautiful music of our avian friends.

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  1. Oh gosh, I really, really love this! People often tell me that I do simple, quiet drawings (which I take as a compliment regardless of how it was intended), and I think that you are drawn to similar types of subjects. I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to sketch landscapes or city scenes…give me a piece of fruit from the produce aisle or something from my junk drawer!

  2. Is this one of those whistles that you fill with water? I have a similar one, I loved them when I was a little girl and now my son (3) loves them as well. Your drawings always make anything look magical.

  3. like the concept and drawing

  4. Another lovely and peaceful rendering! This one almost has a 3-D feel to it, your shading is so nicely done.

  5. Perhaps not, but it’s a beautiful rendering. I would have imagined it to be wood.

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