…didn’t I draw a light bulb last week?

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  1. I remember….yes, I think you did…a good one…yes, I am sure now.

  2. still, a very cool illustration!

  3. Yes, you did, and I know I commented on it. This one is just as beautiful as last week’s. Do you draw lots of these?

    • My sketches are basically recorded observations – they represent my continued efforts to capture essential aspects of what helps define an object.

      The ‘deja-vu’ topic gave me another reason to consider the interplay of shadows cast from an otherwise translucent glass bulb.

      • What a great idea–I haven’t much had the patience to “redraw” things (except for people), though it seems like a really good exercise. The edges of these are just marvelous….

  4. Hi Theo,
    I stumbled on your blog from Illustration Friday, and enjoyed the simple sketches. Then I was struck by two things. I went to Blair back in the 90’s and I was wondering if you were related to Adam Padavano of Morristown? If so then it is a strange little world we’ve got – let’s keep it interesting!

    • Hello Jake,
      Thank you for the comment. It seems you know my cousin, Adam. It is a small world indeed. Do you participate on Illustration Friday or have a blog?

  5. Ha! Yeah, I have this strange feeling like I’ve sort of seen this before… Still, nice drawing!

  6. Theo, Thanks for the comment. I’m very happy to have found your blog. Your drawings have a quiet, almost vintage, feel that i really like!

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