A lazy Sunday drive through Sleepy Hollow turned anxious when another driver missed a red light and grazed my car.  Like the legend, I was frozen with fear, unable to react before the stallion and its rider made a hasty escape.

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  1. Beautiful drawing, at some contrast to the story in its…sleepiness.

    • Thanks for the comment, Susan. All of my journal entries are drawn from memory and although I considered making this drawing dark and foreboding, it was a bright and sunny day.

  2. Beautiful beautiful drawing. I love the hazy quality of it.

  3. Very nice work. Very moody.

  4. Beautiful drawing…very peaceful, even with it’s literary history (and your own, now!).

  5. I’ve been back to visit several times and have enjoyed all of your drawings.

    Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you enjoyed my interpretation. I laughed at your summation of how one feels after eating the bunny. Thanks! 🙂

  6. i was searching to see if anyone interpreted “hollow” as a geographic “hollow”. of course, sleepy hollow! so, kudos to you. i like the drawing, especially the naturalness of style that makes your memory real.

    • Generally, I make no effort to search for a subject matter for the IF topic, preferring instead to let it ‘find me’. “Hollow” had me stumped until I saw the welcome sign for the Westchester hamlet of literary fame.

      • i understand. even though i didn’t submit a drawing of such, i was nostalgically drawn to the word because, though i live in the new york area now, i grew up in virginia rural country, where people said “down in the hollow” as frequently as folks here speak of “up on the west side” et al.

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